Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is the biggest asset within your home. It is a space where memories are created and time is spent cooking, entertaining, doing homework and spending time together making memories. Using a professional and skilled cabinet maker to design and build your kitchen will enable you to have a custom built kitchen at the best possible price. We use a team of skilled and talented people in design, planning, project management and all the major trades to provide the best construction and building management solutions for your home projects. We manage your project from commencement to completion in a professional manner, on budget and on time. Using a cabinetmaker means that you don’t have to compromise your project by using standard pre built cabinetry.  Everything is made to specification for your project so you get a complete custom finish.

A kitchen should be functional and reflect the needs of the individual home owner. When designing your kitchen consider the efficiency of movement in this space, with the optimal placement of your electrical points and appliances as well as maximizing your storage options.

If you are planning on installing a French door fridge, consider the depth of the walls and ensure that the fridge drawer will be able to be pulled out.

Mounting sensor sensitive LED lighting to the under side of the overhead cupboards or breakfast bar is a great way of saving on your energy bill and conserving the environment.